Evlon Compostable Packaging Film
What we do: EVLON compostable packaging film, R&D projects for customers and Aptra®, a breathable film used as a composite with other materials.

30 Years’ Experience Manufacturing Biaxially & Mono Oriented Film

EVLON® Compostable Film, research and development trials for pre-commercialization purposes and production of APTRA breathable film are our core business.

What We Do...

Compostable packaging film

EVLON® Compostable Film... Are you ready to go green?

Environmentally friendly, compostable clear film and sheet material, EVLON®, is made from NatureWorks PLA Ingeo resin or Total Corbion resin.

Made from plants, EVLON®, fills the worldwide desire to utilize renewable resources and provides an environmentally friendly, crystal clear, strong product that can be used in a variety of packaging applications such as sealed produce bags, confectionary bags, bakery bags and sealed over-wrap.

The film can be plain or printed and laminated, for horizontal and vertical packaging machines.

EVLON® products can be industrially composted, and the material will breakdown and revert to carbon dioxide and water in less than 90 days.

Food contact certification in USA, EU and Canada.

Compostable packaging film, Aptra microporous breathable film

Research & Development Pre-Production Trial Runs

We offer a product development facility for customers to develop biaxially and mono direction oriented products. Products can move from the lab environment and into a pre-production phase for assessment and modifications to achieve the desired physical properties. 

Capabilities are a biaxial orientation line and a mono direction line, capable of laminating additional layers on to sheet as well as extruding and orienting sheet and film in large quantities. 


The facility has been used by several of the world's largest petrochemical, packaging and food companies.

Aptra microporous breathable film

APTRA® Breathable Film

BI-AX manufactures Aptra® Classic and Aptra® UV films.

Aptra® is a breathable film used as a composite with other materials. Though it barely registers on the scales, this unique film provides an exceptional combination of barrier properties and breathability.

Aptra® is easily laminated with a wide variety of substrates using several methods. Composite structures utilizing spunbond nonwovens are one of the many configurations possible. Lamination can be accomplished by point bonding with heated calenders, sonic bonding, heat sealing and spray adhesives.

A wide variety of applications: roofing underlayment, housing wrap, disposable protective garments, medical apparel and industrial garments.


30 Years Manufacturing Biaxially and Mono Oriented Film

BI-AX International Inc. was founded by brothers David and Tom Inglis in 1986 and production of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) began in 1987. Initial markets were pressure sensitive tape and food packaging.

In 2000, the operation expanded with a 220,000 square foot plant in Wingham, Ontario, Canada.
Since then niche markets in product development trials, compostable film ( EVLON® ) and breathable, microporous products (Aptra® ) have dominated our business.

Another capability is mono-directional orientation of heavy sheet with the ability to add extra layers. This can be done with sheet that has been made in other locations with various layer configurations.

Recently we added the availability of GMO-free PLA resin for our EVLON line of products.

Much of our time is used in toll manufacturing for other companies that require production of their specialty products. This is a more economical way for them to enter a growing market than the purchase of expensive equipment.

Evlon compostable packaging film

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The Global Reach Of BI-AX's Products

Compostable films and biodegradable films made from renewable sources are the most attractive and viable alternative to conventional films and assist in meeting sustainability initiatives. Reductions in waste to landfill are achievable through utlising specifically designed and engineered packaging films.