Prototype Products


We have added capability of mono-directional orientation of heavy sheet with the ability to add extra layers. This can be done with sheet that has been made in other locations with various layer configurations.

Much of our time is used in toll manufacturing for other companies that require production of their speciality products. This is a more economical way for them to enter a growing market than the purchase of expensive equipment.

  • Biaxially oriented film

    Ability: 4 metre width, 3 layers, ABC

  • Mono Direction Orientation

    Laminating, mono direction stretching film/sheet.

  • R&D

    Run trials for potential commercial application

Quality Control Is Imperative

It is all in the details. We have a wide range of lab testing equipment to make sure we are achieving the desired product parameters.


Bick McAllister

Our company had a research project with no in-house equipment to produce a new product.  We found Bi-Ax through word of mouth and internet searches.  The equipment was about a 75% fit, but Dave and Tom were willing to work with us through a screening process to produce and validate the film properties.  These were successful and the shrink sleeve application product won a sustainability award.  Bi-Ax then allowed us to make a ~$1MM investment modifying the equipment to launch the business.  It would be hard to find another partner more willing and accommodating to make the necessary changes to achieve the final product.  Their internal resources are very skilled and able to overcome significant manufacturing issues.  Our company had a very positive working experience with the Bi-Ax team and facilities.

Bick McAllister
New Business Development R&D
Engineering Fellow