Compostable Bags a Success for Nature Knows!

Fresh Healthy Snacks, Good for you and Good for our Earth with New 100% Compostable Bags. 

“Nature Knows is excited to announce their new line up for Retail and Foodservice 100% Compostable  packaging. With DUX Grand Prix­People’s Choice Awards unveiling the candidates for new innovation,  Nature Knows has proudly been nominated. “

Congratulations to Nature Knows from BI-AX International. We are delighted our EVLON compostable film helps you achieve your goals!

BI-AX International Inc. makes compostable film that is used in packaging applications around the world. This bio-plastic film can be industrially composted, reverting to carbon dioxide and water in less than 90 days. Film characteristics include high stiffness, superb clarity, high gloss, wide seal range, excellent flavour and aroma barrier and excellent twist retention.

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